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Antenna Update #3

After putting up a 91-foot random wire and finding that, while very functional across all the bands from 80 to 15, the noise floor was really high.

At my previous QTH I was using a 40 meter monoband dipole that worked extremely well. In order to rule out any environmental sources for the loud noise, I decided it would be best to replace the long with with the dipole to get a baseline. It took me a half hour or so to lower the random wire and hoist the dipole.


I was very relieved to find that the noise problem was gone!

So now I am faced with a decision. Should I try to mitigate the noise? Perhaps by installing a Loop on Ground for receive? I’ve started doing some research on that front, but I need to do more. Or should I shift gears entirely and go with a different multiband antenna? I have had a lot of success with the good ol’ G5RV. Or just stick to one band? (I don’t love this idea.)

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