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ChatGPT the Poet

I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about automation using AWS Lambda and YAML, and here's what it produced:

In the world of technology, automation reigns,
With AWS Lambda, it's now routine to gain,
The power to process, without delay,
With YAML, a configuration, in a language array.

YAML is simple, yet flexible and neat,
It's easy to write, and can't be beat,
For describing data, in a structured way,
It makes AWS Lambda, a joy to play.

With AWS Lambda and YAML combined,
We can automate, what was once confined,
To manual tasks, time-consuming and slow,
Now with just a few lines, we make it go.

The cloud is the home, where it all resides,
With scalability and reliability, it's where AWS resides,
And Lambda Functions, are the heart of this beat,
With YAML, they function, with such fluidity and heat.

So here's to automation, with AWS and YAML,
They make our lives easier, and work less of a hassle,
With their power and ease, we can focus on what's true,
Leaving the tedious tasks, to the machines we ensue.

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