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My 2023 Photography Challenge


I’ve decided to start a 52 weeks of photography 2023 challenge, which is being led by Prague-based photographer Chelsea London. The goal is to take at least one new photograph per week throughout the year. I’m trying to make photography more of a habit, so this challenge seems like a nice fit.

I’ll post my photos and reflections to a Flickr album throughout the year. I'll update this post with the prompts (in italicized text) and links so it can serve as the master index for my participation.

February: The Everyday

Now that goals have been sorted out, it’s time to work. All the prompts for the month of February can be done from the comfort of your own home. This will allow you to find your rhythm and explore the space in an environment you’re relaxed in.

January: Setting Goals

Each year we start out by considering why we’re participating in this project. Whether personal or professional, identifying goals makes the following year more meaningful and intentional. For this month, the prompts are all focused on helping you to identify how to make the most out of the project.

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